Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc. - Saturday 12/10/05 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mrs. Michele L. Billings (DECEASED)
B/G1/BIS 21 CH YAKEE IF ONLY. TR 20446601. 01-13-02
(David Fitzpatrick, Agent).
By Yakee A Dangerous Liaison - Yakee Musical Girl. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Kit Woodruff., Cat Springs, TX 78933. Breeder: A Easdon & P Martin.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G4 18 CH BEAUBRIAR'S EXPOSE' OF KINLOCH. SN 89787307. 01-07-02
By Ch Saxony's Snow In August - Ch Kintyre's Diva Of Kinloch. Setters (Irish). Bitch.
Owner: Robert Wickes DVM & Phil Booth., Troy, MI 48098. Breeder: Patty Cowie.
B/G2 24 CH MARECHAL AFFIRMATION. SR 27574501. 02-15-00
(Michael R Pitts, Agent).
By Pett's Genes By Mail Order - Braewood Ink Spot. Spaniels (Cocker) Black. Bitch.
Owner: N Robinson & E & R Thomas & E Thomas-Howe., Loudon, TN 37774. Breeder: E & R Thomas & E Thomas-Howe.
B/G1 27 CH FELICITY'S DIAMOND JIM. SN 75321403. 06-08-00
(Kellie Fitzgerald, Agent).
By Ch Telltale Davey Jones - Ch Rendition Autumn Fire Poppy. Spaniels (English Springer). Dog.
Owner: Teresa Patton., Fairfax Station, VA 22039. Breeder: Teresa Patton & Ruth Dehmel.
B/G3 28 CH ELGIN'S CARIAD ANAZTAZIA. SN 91253402. 05-28-02
By Ch Koppertone's Cariad Baratom CDX - Elgin's Sarah Rhiannon. Vizslas. Bitch.
Owner: Meg Farmer & Mike Farmer & Edwin Foster JR., Henderson, KY 424203522. Breeder: Edwin Foster JR.
JUDGE: Mrs. Joan Frailey (DECEASED)
B/G3 16 CH ESMERELDA OF LEGACY. HP 01894101. 09-02-02
(Wendi J Cowell, Agent).
By Searchdriver's The Con Man - Ch Hombrew-Legacy Grany Delite. Bloodhounds. Bitch.
Owner: Thomas W Taylor & Janet K Taylor., Maryville, TN 37803. Breeder: Anne L Legge.
B/G2 12 CH GERICO'S HAWTHORN WINSOR ROSE. HM 97245702. 07-17-01
(Jill Bell, Agent).
By Ch Gerico's Chasing The Wind - Ch Gerico's Caitlyn. Greyhounds. Bitch.
Owner: Susan B Lybrand & Geri Ann Hendrick., Lucas, TX 75002. Breeder: Geri Ann Hendrick & Cheryl S Reynolds.
B/G4 11 CH JACKPOT KINGSBURY BEAMER. HP 09634004. 02-24-04
(Linda M Whitney, Agent).
By Ch Kingsbury Talisman - Ch Vale Of Lune Miller CD. Harriers. Dog.
Owner: Dorothy Shettle., Riverview, FL 33569. Breeder: Kevin Shupenia & Donna Smiley-Auborn.
B/G1 48 CH ECLIPSE ENVY OF SPORTING FIELD. HP 00009309. 11-18-01
By Ch Broadstriders Gorgeous George - Eclipse Pennies From Heaven. Whippets. Bitch.
Owner: Dan Black & Bruno Gideon & Diane Motzkus & Dionne Butt., Toms Brooks, VA 226600336. Breeder: Diane Arner & Tab & Sophia McFarland.
JUDGE: Mrs. Ruth H. Zimmerman
B/G3 45 CH PARADIGM DREAM OF BREEZEWOOD. WS 05856506. 09-12-03
(Karen Bryant-Yellen, Agent).
By Ch Chez D No Hold's Barred - Ch Paradigm Pryzm. Doberman Pinschers. Dog.
Owner: Gregory & Shannon Merck & Frances Czina & Janet Shenk., Midland, VA 22728. Breeder: Mike Penny & Doug Huffman.
B/G2 28 CH JERDANS PRINCESS TY. WP 91071601. 12-28-98
By Ch Sarmac's I've Arrived - Ch Jerdan's Oh So Zydeco. Great Danes. Bitch.
Owner: Jose Ribo & C Wilson., Chillicothe, OH 45601. Breeder: Jose Ribo & Anna Kowich.
(Peter J Green, AKC Registered, Agent).
By Ch Meadow View Flaming Star - Ch Gillian's Mirror Image. Komondorok. Dog.
Owner: Janet Reisinger Cupolo & John D Landis., Farmingdale, NY 11735. Breeder: John D. Landis & Barbara A. Artim.
B/G4 25 CH COT'N PIC'N DBL SHOT O'SHADOWOOD. WS 03441703. 12-08-02
(Cathy Shott, Agent).
By Ch Cot'n Pic'n Shotavodka - Shadowood's Pistol Packin Momma. Samoyeds. Dog.
Owner: Marjorie Goodenough., Myersville, MD 21773. Breeder: Patti & Sterling Rasmussen & B Chamberlain.
JUDGE: Mrs. Keke Kahn
B/G1 10 CH OLD IRON MARGARET RIVER. RN 06293001. 02-19-03
(Peter J Green, Agent).
By Old Iron Thorpedo - Old Iron In The Extreme. Airedale Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Stephanie Ingram & Frances Lindner & Terrydale Knls., Nashville, TN 372154551. Breeder: Mr & Mrs Sorraghan.
B/G2 8 CH AIMHI AVALON RENAISSANCE. RM 34811101. 08-21-00
By Ch Aimhi Type Cast - Rapidan True Friend. Fox Terriers (Smooth). Bitch.
Owner: Norra L Hansen., Newton, NJ 07860. Breeder: Amy Rutherford.
B/G4 7 CH DELZAR STRICTLY BUSINESS. RN 02155804. 01-21-03
(Lance B Deloria, Agent).
By Ch Northcote-Delzar El Slechazo - Ch Northcote-Delzar Sierra. Lakeland Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Jose Grave De Peralta & Tracy Deloria., Coolidge, GA 31738. Breeder: Tracy Szaras-Deloria & Lance Deloria.
B/G3 7 CH CHESHIRE BEAR N IT ALL. RN 05116602. 03-10-04
(Armando Morales, Agent).
By Ch Shaireab's On Your Honor - Ch Sun Oak Double Jeopardy. Welsh Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Shari Fougnie., Hendersonville, NC 28791. Breeder: Owner.
JUDGE: Mr. Edd E. Bivin
By Ch Uwharrie Integra Go Fly A Kite - Ch Evergreen Integra Victorian Rose. Italian Greyhounds. Bitch.
Owner: Mark Lucas., Asheboro, NC 27205. Breeder: Mark Lucas & Timothy Catterson.
B/G4 7 CH DECO'S LOOK NO MORE. TR 15950101. 06-03-03
By Tosaho Pale Rider - Deco's Alarmingly Charming. Japanese Chin. Dog.
Owner: Joel D Fisher DVM & K R Wall & M A Burr & J Burr., Wake Forest, NC 27587. Breeder: Mary Burr & Joseph Burr.
B/G1/BIS 21 CH YAKEE IF ONLY. TR 20446601. 01-13-02
(David Fitzpatrick, Agent).
By Yakee A Dangerous Liaison - Yakee Musical Girl. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Kit Woodruff., Cat Springs, TX 78933. Breeder: A Easdon & P Martin.
B/G3 23 CH TYAVA'S SURE SHOT. TR 11167001. 05-31-02
(Kirsten McGregor, Agent).
By Ch Cantlon's Kamikaze - Ch TyAva's Georgie Girl. Yorkshire Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Ava Tyree., Marietta, GA 30062. Breeder: Ava Tyree.
JUDGE: Mr. Norman L. Patton
By Ch Silverspoon's Custom Made - Ch Emerald Cotton Blossom. Bulldogs. Bitch.
Owner: William & Nancy Isakson & Millie Watkins., Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312. Breeder: William & Nancy Isakson.
B/G3 21 CH FOGGY MTNS ANGEL IN DISGUISE. NM 93563301. 06-05-02
By Ch XiShan's Guardian Angel - Ch Northwind's Queen Of Hearts. Chow Chows. Dog.
Owner: Tammy Tosh., Callaway, VA 24067. Breeder: Susanne Cruey.
B/G1 14 CH TEODORA DA MAYA. PR 02987201. 10-30-02
(Christian Manelopoulos, Agent).
By Ch Lake Cove Of Course - Ch Canmoy's Girlie Tour. Poodles (Standard). Bitch.
Owner: Mrs Zuleika Borges Torrealba., Greensboro, NC 27416. Breeder: Owner.
B/G4 17 CH FREROSE GOOD WILL HUNTER. NM 94261301. 08-07-02
(Edward J Finnegan Jr, Agent).
By Ch Frerose Stoned Cold - Frerose Sophie. Shiba Inu. Dog.
Owner: Frederick O Duane., Manning, SC 29102. Breeder: F O Duane.
JUDGE: Mr. Lester R. Mapes
B/G4 14 CH AGUA DULCE POPCORN POPPER. DL 85646801. 11-29-00
By Ch Brookridge Winning Ways HT - Ch Agua Dulce Snofall. Australian Shepherds. Bitch.
Owner: Pamela Levin & Debbie Misner & R & S Moorehead., Haw River, NC 27258. Breeder: Pamela & Tiffany Levin & Debbie Misner.
B/G1 12 CH BROADCREEK'S MIRABELLA. DL 76825008. 12-10-98
By Ch Broadcreek's Orian - Ch Broadcreek's Fancy Dancer. Belgian Malinois. Bitch.
Owner: Shawn Mullinix & Roger Ellis., Inglis, FL 34449. Breeder: Chris & Susan Brendel & Dr & Mrs Monroe Kornfeld.
B/G2 7 CH CORDMAKER ONESPY TOOMANY. DN 04501101. 07-10-96
(Michael R Pitts, Agent).
By Ch Bokar Artful Dodger - Cordmaker Ziegfeld Folly. Pulik. Dog.
Owner: Jacquelyn N Beaudoin & S C Huebner & Linda M Pitts., Raleigh, NC 27606. Breeder: Ms SC Huebner.
B/G3 24 CH GRANGEFIELD INQUISITIVE. DL 89413601. 10-25-01
(Frank J Murphy, Agent).
By Ch Remembrance Piano Man - Grange Field Easyintheeyes. Welsh Corgis (Cardigan) OLD. Bitch.
Owner: Nancy K Stockslager., Pulaski, TN 38478. Breeder: Shirley Hobbs & Jim M & Lorie Allen.

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