Devon Dog Show Association, Inc. - Saturday 10/02/04 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Dr. Samuel Draper (RESIGNED)
1/W/B/BW 34 OLDIRON MARGARET RIVER. 3100110800AU. 02-19-03
/G1/BISBy Ch Oldiron Thorpedo - Oldiron In The Extreme. Airedale Terriers.
Owner: M Wooldridge & J Stevens & M Stander & E Z Zaphir., Mebane, NC 27302. Breeder: Mr.R. & Mrs.A. Sorraghan.
JUDGE: Mr. J. Council Parker (DECEASED)
(Joy Quallenberg, Agent).
By Ch Lobuff's Bare Necessities CD JH - Delight Aqurius Courtside. Retrievers (Labrador). Dog.
Owner: Kathy Sneider VMD & J MacKinnon., Plymouth, MA 02360. Breeder: Kathy Sneider VMD & Sharon Parr.
B/G4 18 CH ROCKHERIN AMERICAN BEAUTY. SR 00060304. 11-26-01
(Christopher Keith, Agent).
By Ch Tealwood's Dutch Rose - Ch Rockherin Dutch Rose. Setters (Irish). Bitch.
Owner: K Wheatley & D Davis & Floyd Kuwitz., Houston, TX 77065. Breeder: K Wheatley & D Davis.
B/G1 15 CH BRICKETT'S SHOT IN THE DARK. SN 88768602. 07-20-01
(Jessica Brickett-Desanto, Agent).
By Ch Lydgate License To Kill - Ch Gemstonz Champagne On Ice. Spaniels (Cocker) Black. Dog.
Owner: Kathleen Vino., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702. Breeder: Jessica Brickett & Barbara Brickett.
B/G2 36 CH BOWBENT CAROUSEL HIDDEN GEM. SR 07229002. 11-23-02
By Ch Carousels Roscoe T Picotrane - Ch Bowbent N Donmar's Goldrush. Weimaraners. Bitch.
Owner: Ross & Angela McClure & Bill & Pat Van Camp., Milton ON, CN L9T 2X9. Breeder: Ross & Angela McClure.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G4 14 CH RAYNBO'S WINTER ROSE. HM 96301103. 06-14-01
(Jack L Secrest Jr, Agent).
By Ch Majenkir Nabucco At Agridor - Ch Raynbo's Azaliya SC. Borzois. Bitch.
Owner: Roni & Jennifer Zucker., Moscow, PA 18444. Breeder: Roni & Jennifer Zucker.
B/G2 7 CH KIARRY'S WHO'S NEXT AT KELLY MT. HM 78022806. 05-25-98
(Lisa A Miller, Agent).
By Ch Kelly's Mts Cookie Man - Ch Kelly's Mts Primes Lucky Lady. American Foxhounds Old. Dog.
Owner: Les Millman & Donna Millman & Harry & John Miller., Potomac, MD 20854. Breeder: H & I Miller & J Rea & E Wright.
B/G3 7 CH DUNHARROW'S DIAMONDBACK. HM 93964501. 12-27-00
By Ch Willowbrook DK Bjorn Revenge - Ch Pebblebrook's Heiress. Norwegian Elkhounds. Dog.
Owner: Judith R Silker., Winfield, PA 17889. Breeder: Patricia & Fred Philipp.
(Handler: Kitty Burke).
By Ch Cheery O's Return To Scentasia - Ch Scentasia's Warrior Princess. Otterhounds. Bitch.
Owner: A & M Hawley & E Conway & D Emery., Yorktown, NY 10598. Breeder: A & M Hawley & E Conway & D Emery.
JUDGE: Mr. Clay Coady
B/G2 7 CH KAMIKAZI'S REMINGTON. WP 89142401. 12-10-98
By Ch Akiko's Invincible - Ch Kamikazi's Takara Mia. Akitas. Dog.
Owner: Joe Breen & Marianne Claflin., Windsor, CT 06095. Breeder: Joe & Terrie Breen.
B/G4 31 CH HI-TECH'S BASIC EDITION. WP 97598101. 03-23-00
(Kimberly Pastella, Agent).
By Ch Hi-Tech Johnny J Of Boxerton - Ch Hi-Tech's Limited Edition. Boxers. Dog.
Owner: Dr & Mrs William Truesdale & Myrna R Kahlo., Seekonk, MA 027713926. Breeder: Dr William & Zoila Truesdale & Kristy Hodolitz.
B/G3 15 CH BACCHUS' HAN SOLO. WP 99260201. 09-17-00
(Jane Hobson, Agent).
By Clyth Dreagan At Andalusian - Ch Raintrees Baby Of Bacchus. Bullmastiffs. Dog.
Owner: William L Rumsey., Wyndmoor, PA 190387656. Breeder: William Rumsey.
B/G1 10 CH LOWDOWN JACQUI FRAZIER-LYDE. WP 95579504. 12-28-99
(Gabriel Rangel, Agent).
By Ch Lennox-Lewis De Lordship's - Ch Skansen's Singular Sensation. Giant Schnauzers. Bitch.
Owner: Mickey & Linda Low., Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Breeder: Mickey & Linda Low.
JUDGE: Mrs. Charlotte P. Patterson
1/W/B/BW 34 OLDIRON MARGARET RIVER. 3100110800AU. 02-19-03
/G1/BISBy Ch Oldiron Thorpedo - Oldiron In The Extreme. Airedale Terriers.
Owner: M Wooldridge & J Stevens & M Stander & E Z Zaphir., Mebane, NC 27302. Breeder: Mr.R. & Mrs.A. Sorraghan.
B/G4 29 CH ROCKY TOPS SUNDANCE KID . RM 30817201. 04-08-00
By Einstein The Joker - Ch Rocky Tops Ulster Annie. Bull Terriers (Colored). Dog.
Owner: B Bishop & N Shepherd & W & R Poole & D Cherry., Holmel, NJ 07733. Breeder: William & Rebecca Poole & R Long.
B/G3 62 CH JADEE POETRY FOR A LADY. RN 00691102. 06-23-02
(Tracy Ann Szaras-Deloria, Agent).
By Ch Jadee Cornerstone Born To Win - Ch Jadee Beautiful Stranger. Fox Terriers (Wire). Bitch.
Owner: Linda Hembree & Ruth Dawson & Joyce M Diehl., Landrum, SC 29356. Breeder: Linda Hembree & Ruth Dawson & Joyce M Diehl.
(Gabriel Rangel, Agent).
By Ch Larkspur Barbate Fitzwilly - Ch Northcotes What A Riot Wenrick. Lakeland Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Mickey & Linda Low., Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Breeder: Terri Alloway.
JUDGE: Mr. Randy E. Garren
B/G1 9 CH TAMARIN TREVOR. TP 05345801. 06-01-00
(Vicki Williams, Agent).
By Ch Hilane's Solar Eclipse - Ch Periwinkle En-La Ms Munster. Affenpinschers. Dog.
Owner: David J & Pamela B Peat., Scottsdale, AZ 852625644. Breeder: Jacqueline L Stacy & Doris Tolone.
B/G2 21 CH BAYSHORE CRUIS'N THE CASBAR. TP 12532504. 11-16-00
(Barbara Cassidy, Agent).
By Ch Blandora It's A Celebration - Ch Bayshore Sol-Orr Dream Sickle. Chinese Cresteds. Dog.
Owner: Roger Rechler., Chicopee, MA 01020. Breeder: J Frank Baylis.
B/G3 8 CH MARAVEN POP SECRET. TP 31945202. 06-20-02
(Kelly Marquis, Agent).
By Ch Sunsprite Rocky Of Burlon - Burlon's Chanel. Miniature Pinschers. Bitch.
Owner: Roy & Jo Ann Kusumoto., Las Vegas, NV 89113. Breeder: Mary Ellen Hatfield & Sally Williams.
B/G4 17 CH WINSOME ROLL N'THUNDER. TR 04731902. 07-10-02
(Amy Rodrigues, Agent).
By Ch Coral Bay's Power Ranger - Ch Winsome's Rock N' Rollo. Pugs. Dog.
Owner: Virginia Cox Flatley., Santa Ynez, CA 93460. Breeder: Virginia Cox Flatley.
JUDGE: Mr. Dennis McCoy
B/G1 22 CH BANDOG'S JUMP FOR JOY. NM 90412301. 06-10-01
(Larry Cornelius, Agent).
By Ch Cox's Goodtime Polar Bear - Ch Bandog's A Million Wishes. French Bulldogs. Bitch.
Owner: Dr & Mrs Abel & Dr & Mrs Sullivan., Gainesville, FL 32605. Breeder: Louis F Sosa & Patricia Sosa.
B/G2 11 CH TA SEN VICTORY PEYOTE. NM 78089901. 11-04-97
By Ch Barker's Delirous - Ch Ta Sen Victory Tip Toe. Lhasa Apsos. Dog.
Owner: Susan S Giles , Michael A Santora & Alan J Loso., Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103. Breeder: Susan S Giles & Victor H Cohen.
B/G3 28 CH DASSIN REIGNON DANCE AWAY. PR 01942501. 02-16-03
(Joseph Vergnetti, Agent).
By Ch Ale Kai Miki Moto On Fifth - Ch Dassin Love That Dance. Poodles (Standard). Bitch.
Owner: Ellen Charles & Dr Barbara Allan & Karen LeFrak., Washington, DC 20007. Breeder: Owners.
B/G4 17 CH KIMIK'S BARE NECESSITIES. NM 84116304. 09-18-99
(Lois DeMers, Agent).
By Ch Kimik Atisha's Mystic Garden - Ch Kimik Atisha Colorsofthewind. Tibetan Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Mikki DeMer & Sheryl Rutledge., Conroe, TX 77384. Breeder: D Greene & N Greene & Mikki Demers.
JUDGE: Mr. Kenneth A. Buxton
B/G4 9 CH PROPWASH SPEAKEASY. DL 85966303. 12-06-00
By Ch Paradox Propaganda - Ch Propwash Vari Easy. Australian Shepherds. Dog.
Owner: Linda Stark & Richard Stark., Castle Rock, CO 80104. Breeder: Leslie Frank.
B/G1 7 CH SENTINELLE'S LAST CHANCE. DL 70511101. 10-12-95
(Larry Cornelius, Agent).
By Ch DeJa Vu In Like Flynn - Ch DeJa Vu Harlett Of Sentinelle. Briards. Dog.
Owner: Valerie Fox & Kenenth Fox DVM., White Plains, MD 20695. Breeder: Jane & George Pennington.
By Ch Tordor's Gyorgy Dij HT - Ch Wallbanger Pounce On It. Pulik. Dog.
Owner: Don & Beverly Zeman & Ann Bowley., Pottstown, PA 19465. Breeder: A J Bowley.
B/G2/ 18 CH MACDEGA TALLAHASSEE. DL 83612606. 04-28-00
(Julie Desy, Agent).
By Ch Macdega Sausalito - Macdega Rendezvous. Shetland Sheepdogs. Bitch.
Owner: Alexandra Luhrs., Benton, PA 17814. Breeder: Thomas & Nioma Coen.

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