Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc. - Sunday 04/06/03 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Dr. H. Scott Kellogg
B/G1/BIS 24 CH PEBBLES'RUN THE GREAT GAZOO. WP 97787901. 06-11-00
(D Andrew Green, Agent).
By Ch Moonsong Quintsns O'Whytewynd - Ch Barbicon's Pebbles. Samoyeds. Bitch.
Owner: Amy Kiell., Basking Ridge, NJ 07920. Breeder: Amy Kiell.
JUDGE: Mrs. Constance M. Barton (DECEASED)
B/G1 14 CH SILVERBAR'S WIND ON THE WATER. SN 55170301. 06-17-98
By Ch Pond Hollow Calico Key Largo - Ch Silvercreek I Love Lucy JH. Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay). Bitch.
Owner: Patsy & Rudy Barber Jr., Bridgeton, NJ 08302. Breeder: Joanne & Stan Silver.
B/G3 11 CH SAXONY'S SNOW IN AUGUST. SN 57347705. 08-02-98
By Ch Meadowlark's Irish Monarch - Ch Saxony's Southern Nights. Setters (Irish). Dog.
Owner: M E Thomas & M & E DeChambeau., West Bridgewater, MA 02379. Breeder: Mrs Jean Roche.
B/G2 8 CH GLEN ROYAL'S CELTIC DANCER. SN 80446901. 11-23-00
(Jessica Brickett-Desanto, Agent).
By Ch Overoaks Rising Son - Ch Glen Royal's Still Meadow. Spaniels (Cocker) A.S.C.O.B.. Bitch.
Owner: Karen B Knight & Beth Franzen., Nashua, NH 03060. Breeder: Karen B Knight.
B/G4 16 CH SMOKEY CITY HAIL MARY. SN 81814801. 03-22-01
(Handler: Robert F Double PHA/AKC).
By Ch Smokey City El Nino JH - Ch Smokycity D'Nunder Lazer Beam. Weimaraners. Bitch.
Owner: John & Jeannette White & Tom Wilson & Kelly Photopoulos., Canal Fulton, OH 44614. Breeder: Tom Wilson & Monika Hood & Anne Culllen Tormey.
JUDGE: Mr. Kent H. Delaney
B/G1 15 CH YUCATAN KORELEC CODE BLUE. HM 92670608. 11-28-00
By Ch Tantra's Some Like It Hot - Ch Yucatan Korelec Imari. Afghan Hounds. Dog.
Owner: Louis Nagy & Carol Penta., Natrona Heights, PA 15065. Breeder: Robert Penta & Kathleen Korelec & Carol Penta & Harald.
B/G4 7 CH HONEY TREE GGM'S BH WENTWORTH. HM 81664301. 01-29-99
(Nina Fetter, Agent).
By Ch Bosco Trooper Of Anderlues - Ch The Honey Tree's Honeysuckle. Bloodhounds. Dog.
Owner: Fritz Schmidt & Ann Schettig., Delaware, OH 43015. Breeder: Anne Schettig.
B/G2 8 CH SUNUP'S SWEET SUCCESS. HM 77188305. 05-14-98
(Andrew Doyle, AKC, PHA, Agent).
By Plum Run Charter - Belvoir Lonely. English Foxhounds. Bitch.
Owner: Lynne A Hamilton & Sue N Whaley., Enola, PA 17025. Breeder: Sue Whaley.
B/G3 7 CH ABERDEEN'S KILLER TOMATO. HM 93770904. 12-08-00
By Ch Aberdeen's Copper Dirt Devil - Ch Aberdeen's Hog Wild O'Foxfire. Otterhounds. Dog.
Owner: J & A M McIlwaine & M Couch & S Malone., Chagrin Falls, OH 44022. Breeder: Jack & Andy McIlwaine & Robert Urban.
JUDGE: Mr. Victor Clemente
B/G3 46 CH RAYPAT'S QUEEN OF HEARTS. WP 93100401. 07-24-99
(Lisa Holden, Agent).
By Ch Syrr Run's Line Of Credit - Raypat's Highland Lizzy. Boxers. Bitch.
Owner: Ray & Pat Kisselovich., Elizabeth, PA 15037. Breeder: Ray & Pat Kisselovich.
B/G4 17 CH BRAYMORE'S RED PEPPER PILGRIM. WP 99129307. 07-26-00
(Shirley Boxer, Agent).
By Ch Allstar's Storybook Mr Ed - Ch Braymore's Phyllis Ann. Bullmastiffs. Dog.
Owner: Lesli Rosier & Julio Bellber., Bronx, NY 10462. Breeder: Phyllis Sisco Mulchay.
B/G2 7 CH TRUSTS GENTLE BEN V SLATON. WP 77422201. 09-30-96
By Ch Slaton's Lite-Weight He Ain't - Sanctus Black Diamond. St Bernards. Dog.
Owner: Linda Bulicz & Shirley & Joe Wolf & Janet Lange., Canton, OH 44707. Breeder: Denise L Greenway.
B/G1/BIS 24 CH PEBBLES'RUN THE GREAT GAZOO. WP 97787901. 06-11-00
(D Andrew Green, Agent).
By Ch Moonsong Quintsns O'Whytewynd - Ch Barbicon's Pebbles. Samoyeds. Bitch.
Owner: Amy Kiell., Basking Ridge, NJ 07920. Breeder: Amy Kiell.
JUDGE: Mrs. Constance M. Barton (DECEASED)
B/G2 16 CH BUOYS TNT AT TNG. RM 32083901. 09-15-01
(Jessy J Sutton, Agent).
By Wendigo Philigin After Midnight - Wendigo Choctaw Morgan. Bull Terriers (Colored). Bitch.
Owner: Jody Bonneville & J & I Krugenkamp., Old Field, NY 11733. Breeder: Jody Bonneville.
B/G1 10 CH IRONHILLS JITTERBUG. RM 30324804. 10-15-99
(Peter J Green, Agent).
By Ch Blackdale Ringmaster - Ch Ironhills Irresistible Choice. Fox Terriers (Wire). Bitch.
Owner: Torie Steele., Malibu, CA 90265. Breeder: Mary Ann & George Roma.
(Margery Good, Agent).
By Ch Goodspice Blackend Blueberry - Ch Doubleu Driving Miss Daisy. Kerry Blue Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Richard Good & Catherine Abbott., Hyattsville, MD 20782. Breeder: Catherine Abbott & Ghislaine Le-Tourneau.
B/G4 7 CH SANDINA SUPERSONIC. RM 35104001. 05-06-01
(Beth Sweigart, Agent).
By Djock V D Meyerings Berg - Ch Sandina Sally Forth. Norwich Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Glorvina R Schwartz., Tuxedo Park, NY 109870424. Breeder: Glorvina R Schwartz.
JUDGE: Dr. Steve Keating
B/G3 7 CH YARROW'S MIGHTY JOE YOUNG. TP 04972302. 06-01-00
(Beth Sweigart, Agent).
By Ch Perriwinkle Godzilla - Ch Kyleakin Maid At Yarrow. Affenpinschers. Dog.
Owner: Dr William & Mrs Truesdale., Seekonk, MA 027713926. Breeder: Beth Sweigert & Letisha Wubbel & Doris Talone.
B/G2 33 CH BAYSHORE CRUISIN THE CASBAR. TP 12532504. 11-16-00
By Ch Blandora It's A Celebration - Ch Bayshore Sol-Orr Dream Sickle. Chinese Cresteds. Dog.
Owner: Roger Rechler., Chicopee, MA 01020. Breeder: J Frank Baylis.
B/G4 11 CH FWAGGLES TAP MAN AT BURMACK. RM 30100001. 09-20-99
(Jessy J Sutton, Agent).
By Ch Saint Lazar's Klay - Ch Fwaggles U Wanna Dance. Manchester Terriers (Toy). Dog.
Owner: Patrick R Mackesey & James G Burrows Jr., Ellicott City, MD 21043. Breeder: Wendy Kelly.
B/G1 7 CH LINN-LEE'S ST MARTIN. TP 05232801. 05-27-00
(David Fitzpatrick, Agent).
By Ch Mublin Monopoly - Linn-Lee's Dance With Mandy. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Erna G Holcombe., Morris, AL 35116. Breeder: Erna Holcombe.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G3 17 CH NUSTAR'S FLASHDANCE ELITE. NM 85418401. 12-30-99
(Nina Fetter, Agent).
By Ch Elite's Photo Finish - Ch Twilight's Dances With Wolves. Chinese Shar-Pei. Dog.
Owner: Deborah & Robert Cooper., Porter, IN 46304. Breeder: Deborah & Robert Cooper & Kris Shultz.
(Joe T Canton, Agent).
By Ch Heike's Bad Boy Leroy Brown - Ch Heike's Ginger Blue. French Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: J & B Brown & Al & Irene Driver., Spring Valley, OH 45370. Breeder: Albert & Irene Driver.
B/G2 15 CH TA SEN VICTORY PEYOTE. NM 96809201. 01-01-99
By Ch Barker's Delirious - Ch Ta Sen Victory Tip Toe. Lhasa Apsos. Dog.
Owner: Susan S Giles., Manakin-sabot, VA 23103. Breeder: Susan S Giles & Victor Cohen.
B/G1 22 CH ATLANTA PARDON ME BOYS. PP 58357101. 03-13-99
By Ch Canmoy's Rubiazo - Ch Atlanta What A Babe. Poodles (Standard). Bitch.
Owner: Toni & Martin Sasnoff & Paul Edwards., New York, NY 10023. Breeder: Owners.
JUDGE: Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman
B/G2 7 CH RAGTYME MISTER COOL HT . DL 81192002. 11-01-99
(Nina Fetter, Agent).
By Ch Classical Image Of A Legend - Ch Ragtyme Cool Cruisin' Claire CD. Bearded Collies. Dog.
Owner: L & V Zagarella & C O'Neil & R & K Harrington., Elizabeth, CO 80107. Breeder: Lynn Zagarella & K Thomas.
By Ch Yuma De Chateau Blanc - Jedi-Ellis V Astrita Hof CD. Belgian Tervuren. Dog.
Owner: Kim Vent & E McCarthy., Webster, NY 14580. Breeder: Elizabeth McCarthy.
B/G1 12 CH DEJA VU RUFFLES HAVE RIDGES. DL 86331801. 12-20-00
(Davin McAteer, Agent).
By Ch Deja Vu In Like Flynn - Deja Vu Nine Inch Nails. Briards. Bitch.
Owner: Lynn & Stephen Bernard., Sanibel, FL 33957. Breeder: Terry Miller & Regina Kieter.
B/G4 25 CH MAC-NEL GOLD CHIP. DL 82129601. 02-05-00
(Judy Stachowksi, Agent).
By Mac-Nel He's A Dan'Dee - Mac-Nel Annie Get Your Gun. Shetland Sheepdogs. Dog.
Owner: Nell B Cook., Danville, WV 25053. Breeder: Cathy Ross.

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