Dan Emmett Kennel Club - Friday 07/26/02 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mrs. Bettie L. Krause (DECEASED)
B/G1/BIS 9 CH KISMETS SIGHT FOR SORE EYES. DL 64767204. 06-02-96
(James A Moses, Agent).
By Ch Welove Duchien's R-Man - Kismet's Sweetheart Deal. German Shepherd Dogs. Dog.
Owner: B & D Wood & J & N Bennett & A Howells & M Kish., Carrollton, GA 30116. Breeder: Mary Ellen Kish & Robert Kish.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G3 23 CH SANBAR'S CURTAIN CALL. SN 60988701. 01-10-99
By AFC Ch Sanbar's Call Collect MH - Ch Millette's All Booked Up. Brittanys. Dog.
Owner: Polly West & Barbara Scott., Frankfort, IN 46041. Breeder: Polly West.
B/G4 11 CH ONCORE C'WOOD STICKS LIKE GLUE. SN 53615103. 04-11-98
By Ch Albelarm Stinger O'Shoreview - Ch Coralwood's Who's On First. Pointers. Dog.
Owner: Sandra D'Andrea & Dr Patricia H Haines., Xenia, OH 45385. Breeder: Sally Barton & Dr Patricia H Haines.
B/G1 20 CH SILVERBAR'S WIND ON THE WATER. SN 55170301. 06-17-98
By Ch Pondhollow Calico Key Largo - Ch Silvercreek I Love Lucy JH. Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay). Bitch.
Owner: Patsy & Rudy Barber Jr & Dr Mike McCandley & J Silver., Bridgeton, NJ 08302. Breeder: Joanne & Stan Silver.
B/G2 8 CH CLUSSEXX MARRY ME BILL. SN 59735101. 09-27-98
(Norma Gibson-Smith, Agent).
By Ch Clussexx Billy Goat's Gruff - Ch Tane-Iron's Raspberry Fool. Spaniels (Clumber). Bitch.
Owner: Alan Kalter & Chris Lezotte & D Johnson & J Haverick., Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Breeder: Jeane Haverick & Douglas Johnson & Susan Stockill.
JUDGE: Dr. Alvin W. Krause
B/G2 7 CH HONEY TREE GGM'S BH WENTWORTH. HM 81664301. 01-29-99
(Handler: Nina Fetter PHA/DHG/AKC).
By Ch Bosco Trooper Of Anderlues - Ch The Honey Tree's Honeysuckle. Bloodhounds. Dog.
Owner: Fritz Schmidt & Ann Schettig., Delaware, OH 43015. Breeder: Anne Schettig.
B/G3 8 CH SOYARA'S CHANTILLY LACE JC. HM 76323403. 12-19-97
By Ch Rossak Of Enfield - Ch Soyara Misleading Lady Essar. Borzois. Bitch.
Owner: Prudence & Greg Hlatky., Morrow, OH 45152. Breeder: Prudence Hlatky & Sabrina Rhodes.
B/G1 23 CH ARANNWOOD VIKING. HM 83479701. 03-29-99
(Phillip Booth, Agent).
By Ch Xecel Fionnmae - Arannwood's Veronica Brie. Irish Wolfhounds. Dog.
Owner: George Adams & Pam Paloma., New Richmond, OH 45157. Breeder: George Adams Jr.
B/G4 9 CH BOHEM CIRCUS PONY. HM 79835201. 11-05-98
(Barbara Wayne, Agent).
By Ch Chelsea Gold Rush Of Keynote - Ch Bohem All About Eve. Whippets. Dog.
Owner: Fukie Yoshimoto., Morrow, OH 45152. Breeder: Bo Bengtson.
JUDGE: Mr. Joe Tacker
B/G1 11 CH SNO KLASSIC ABOVE THE RIM. WP 74459102. 10-17-96
By Ch Nanukes Lockport Louie - Sno Klassic Chenega Kaniksu. Alaskan Malamutes. Dog.
Owner: Martin E Peel Jr & Patricia A Peel., Lennon, MI 48449. Breeder: Martin Peel Jr & Patricia A Peel.
B/G3 11 CH SILVER OAK'S READY TO RUMBLE. WP 79871604. 07-10-97
(Handler: Shirley Boxer PHA).
By Ch Allstar's Mugsy Malone - Ch Blazing's Laquie. Bullmastiffs. Dog.
Owner: Linda Gugasian & Malinda Raby., Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234. Breeder: Melinda Raby & Peter Kozel.
B/G4 12 CH GALILEE'S ADESTE FIDELES. WP 96919002. 12-07-99
(Michael R Kemp, Agent).
By Ch Lennox Lewis De Lordship - Ch Skansen's Britta Bellinger. Giant Schnauzers. Bitch.
Owner: Mary Hayes., McLean, VA 221021022. Breeder: Maryann Bisceglia & Mary Hayes.
B/G2 21 CH KARNOVANDA'S NIKLAS WOLF . WP 93991401. 10-06-99
(Suzie Willis, Agent).
By Ch Karnovanda The Life Of Riley - Ch Karnovanda's Partly Cloudy. Siberian Huskies. Dog.
Owner: Judith M Russell., Davisburg, MI 48350. Breeder: Judith M Russell.
JUDGE: Dr. Gerard C. Penta
B/G2 11 CH FRAJA EC GOLD STANDARD. RM 25039802. 08-04-98
(Laura Krickeberg, Agent).
By Ch Fraja EC Golden Boy - Ch Fraja EC Riders Solid Gold. American Staffordshire Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Zane Smith., Earlville, NY 13332. Breeder: Mary Ann Benson & John McCartney.
B/G3 9 CH TREGOAD'S PICTURE THIS. RM 25068107. 06-10-98
By Ch Aimhi Type Cast - Ch Beaumonde Lindal Lilikoi. Fox Terriers (Smooth). Dog.
Owner: Clint Livingston., San Antonio, TX 78253. Breeder: Lesley Boyes.
B/G1 8 CH MAYAPPLE WILD CHERRY TART. RM 28861802. 05-29-99
By Ch Love's J And J You Give Good Love - Ch Mayapple Cherry Bomb. Lakeland Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Claire Atkins & Allison Sunderman., Felicity, OH 45120. Breeder: L Boney & Claire Atkins & Allison Sunderman.
B/G4 14 CH MCLYN'S GILLIAN OF MACNAB JE. RM 25143903. 06-03-98
(Robert V Moore III, Agent).
By Ch Fairoak's Damn Yankee - McLyn's Fiona Of MacNab. Scottish Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Joyce L & John C McNabney., Ashton, MD 20861. Breeder: Joyce L McNabney & John C McNabney.
JUDGE: Mrs. June A. Penta
B/G4 20 CH SOUTH FORK'S BIT-O-MELODY. TN 85351201. 01-03-99
By Ch Dartan Still On Fire - Ch South Fork's Bit-O-Music. Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat). Bitch.
Owner: Mary Jane Held., W Seneca, NY 14224. Breeder: Mary Jane Held.
B/G1 7 CH ELI-FRAN'S SIR WILLIAM. TN 55617001. 06-20-97
By Ch Dreamridge Dear Sir - Ch Eli-Fran's Lady Victoria. English Toy Spaniels (Blenheim & Prince Charles). Dog.
Owner: F & K Pouder & D Bell-Dolan & M Dolan., Columbia, MO 65202. Breeder: F & K Pouder.
B/G2 35 CH CADAGA CIVIL ACTION. TN 82199601. 11-29-98
(John Oulton, Agent).
By Ch Loteki Supernatural Being - Ch Clearlake Prima At Cadaga. Papillons. Dog.
Owner: Linda Sohn & Kyoko Ozeki., Mansfield, MA 02048. Breeder: John Oulton.
B/G3 7 CH ATLANTIS' SHIVER ME TIMBERS. TP 06120901. 07-02-00
By Ch Coral Bays Jollie Roger - Atlantis' Touched By An Angel. Pugs. Dog.
Owner: Lola Riande & Diane M & Steven R Lewis., South Miami, FL 33143. Breeder: Diane M Lewis & Steven R Lewis.
JUDGE: Mr. James G. Reynolds
B/G1 33 CH RLK MOOSE TRACKS T-TOWN. NM 87985001. 07-27-00
By Ch T-Town Boris's Gorgeous Gustav - RLK Holli Holly T-Town. Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: Lori & Ron Klopfenstein & Robert & Sandra Walter., Elida, OH 458071060. Breeder: Lori Klopfenstein & Ronald Klopfenstein.
B/G3 7 CH DREAMLAND'S PRIME DIRECTIVE. NM 80376701. 10-21-98
(Handler: Nina Fetter PHA/DHG/AKC).
By Ch Dreamland's Cody Bo Jangles - Ch Mi-Pao's Sweet Angel. Chow Chows. Dog.
Owner: Kathy & Steve Stricklin., Burnsville, NC 28714. Breeder: Linda & Mike Brantley.
B/G4 17 CH KEEDOX SONATA GAME BOY. NM 88814301. 11-04-00
By Ch Designers Dressed 'N Style - Keedox Royale Robin. Keeshonden. Dog.
Owner: James & Dorothy Ward & Debera Loesser., Findlay, OH 45840. Breeder: Geraldine Brewer.
B/G2 8 CH TERSANA ON MY QUEST. NM 87103301. 06-22-00
(Kathy Kirk, Agent).
By Ch Tersana This Is The Moment - Ch Tersana On My Way. Tibetan Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Mark Shangold., Easton, CT 06612. Breeder: Mark Shangold.
JUDGE: Mr. Carl Gene Liepmann
B/G1/BIS 9 CH KISMETS SIGHT FOR SORE EYES. DL 64767204. 06-02-96
(James A Moses, Agent).
By Ch Welove Duchien's R-Man - Kismet's Sweetheart Deal. German Shepherd Dogs. Dog.
Owner: B & D Wood & J & N Bennett & A Howells & M Kish., Carrollton, GA 30116. Breeder: Mary Ellen Kish & Robert Kish.
B/G3 7 CH LAMBLUV'S LAST TANGO IN B A. DL 69601101. 06-18-97
By Ch Seathwaite Connorfur Bailey - Lambluvgambolon Diamond Diva. Old English Sheepdogs. Dog.
Owner: Jere Marder & Lynn Levine., Chicago, IL 60611. Breeder: Jere Marder & Lynn Levine & Gail Caso.
B/G2 7 CH BELROB KERESKEDO ROVER CD. DL 53090907. 05-06-94
By Ch Szedar's Kaffogas Of Belrob - Ch Szeder Belrob Millenium Fizz. Pulik. Dog.
Owner: Joe Merchant & Bruce Ames & Jim Belanger & Mike Connery., Plain City, OH 430639012. Breeder: Jim Belanger & Mik Connery.
B/G4 12 CH ULA MAUNA'S PANDA BEAR. DL 78931310. 05-17-99
By Ch Ula Mauna's Sir Gawaine - Ch Adams Acres Holiday Charm. Welsh Corgis (Cardigan) OLD. Bitch.
Owner: Deborah Brooks., Valley City, OH 44280. Breeder: Judith A Adams.

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