Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc. - Saturday 12/08/01 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mrs. Paula Hartinger
(Handler: Linda Pitts).
By Ch Bokar Artful Dodger - Ch Cordmaker Kepes Jana. Pulik. Dog.
Owner: Jackie Beaudoin & Sue Huebner & Carolyn Nusbickel., Castle Rock, CO 80104. Breeder: Sue Huebner.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
B/G2 22 CH COOKIELAND'S LIFE OF LEISURE. SN 64673101. 04-16-99
By Ch Gossamer's Lastin Impression - Ch Paladen Gold Metal. Pointers. Bitch.
Owner: Anthony Cantor & Cheryl S Laduc & Amy Walker., Pelzer, SC 29669. Breeder: Cheryl S Laduc.
B/G4 8 CH CLUSSEXX MARRY ME BILL. SN 59735101. 09-25-98
(Norma Gibson-Smith, Agent).
By Ch Clussexx Billy Goat's Gruff - Ch Tane-Iron's Raspberry Fool. Spaniels (Clumber). Bitch.
Owner: Alan Kalter & Chris Lezotte & D Johnson & J Haverick., Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Breeder: Jeane Haverick & Douglas Johnson & Susan Stockill.
B/G1 23 CH DARKEHAVEN FEAST YOUR EYES. SN 61495901. 11-07-98
(Handler: Linda Pitts).
By Ch Darkehaven's Apple Of My Eye - Ch La Baron's She's A Tease. Spaniels (Cocker) A.S.C.O.B.. Dog.
Owner: Pamela Maher & Patricia Darke & Robert Vaughan., Wrentham, MA 02093. Breeder: S Fairbanks & P Darke.
B/G3 8 CH ESSPECIAL STORMY WEATHER. SN 40692001. 12-15-96
By Ch Serenade Storm Warning - Ch Esspecial Moonlite Escapade. Spaniels (English Springer). Bitch.
Owner: K Bolt & M Bowers & K Lozette & A Kalter., DeWitt, MI 48820. Breeder: David & Andrea Charlton & Monica Bowers.
JUDGE: Mr. Roger R. Hartinger
B/G1 8 CH SHOREVIEW'S GRACE. HM 84537802. 08-03-99
By Ch Lanbur The Continental - Ch Lanbur Miss Vidalia. Beagles, Not Exceeding 13 In.. Bitch.
Owner: Caroline Dowell & B Tague & S Groeschel & E Dziuk., Austin, TX 78748. Breeder: Bruce Tague.
(Donald R Powell II, Agent).
By Ch Traverse Hill Trailboss - Ch Silver Ridge Berry Sue. Black and Tan Coonhounds. Dog.
Owner: Katherine Settle DVM., Sanford, NC 27330. Breeder: Lisa L Shermerhorn & Katherine S Settle DVM.
B/G2 8 CH SUNUP'S SWEET SUCCESS. HM 77188305. 05-14-98
(Andrew Doyle, Agent).
By Plum Run Charter - Belvoir Lonely. English Foxhounds. Bitch.
Owner: Lynne Hamilton & Sue Whaley., Enola, PA 17025. Breeder: Sue N Whaley.
B/G4 27 CH WETU OF KALAHARI. HM 69897404. 04-24-97
(Linda Clark, Agent).
By Ch Crescents The Power Of Gold - Ch Kalahari Abeni Tshokoletti. Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Dog.
Owner: Dr Michael & Cindy Well & Darlene Stewart & S Fikes., Lawrence, KS 66049. Breeder: Sandra Fikes & Darlene Stewart.
JUDGE: Mr. James R. White
B/G1 45 CH LOGAN ELM RUNS AT HEART ACRE. WP 83167004. 01-30-98
(Handler: Guy H Fisher DHG/PHA/AKC).
By Ch Josha's Linebacker CD - Ch Huffand's Chi Chi. Boxers. Dog.
Owner: Priscilla & James Kilman., Grove City, OH 43123. Breeder: Kari Hammer-Phillips & Jeff Phillips.
B/G3 14 CH AFORTUNABO A BELLRINGER. WP 96334810. 02-17-00
(Handler: Tom Greer).
By Ch Brieah Mississippi Gambler - Ch Brieahndriftwoods. Portuguese Water Dogs. Bitch.
Owner: Margaret P White., Athens, GA 30605. Breeder: Mrs Shelley Plucker & Mr Bob Plucker.
B/G2 15 CH TRUSTS GENTLE BEN V SLATON. WP 77422201. 09-30-96
By Ch Slaton's Lite-Weight He Ain't - Sanctus Black Diamond. St Bernards. Dog.
Owner: Linda Bulicz & Shirley & Joe Wolf & Janet Lange., Canton, OH 44707. Breeder: Denise L Greenway.
B/G4 28 KRISTARI'S FAME'N FORTUNE. WP 96137706. 01-11-00
By Ch Kristari's Firechief O'Tahluu - Ch. Myla's Catch Me IF You Can. Siberian Huskies. Bitch.
Owner: Sharon Osharow & Monica Rear & Betty Charlton., Loudon, TN 37774. Breeder: S Osharow & B Charlton.
JUDGE: Mrs. Geraldine C. (Geri) Kelly
B/G4 7 CH UNAKA'S SUPERNOVA STARMAN SON. RM 14977803. 06-28-95
(Heidi A Warren, Agent).
By Ch Windfalls Starman Of Bed Rock - Ch Unaka Sussex Libertyrun. Bull Terriers (White). Dog.
Owner: Julie A D'Dio & Gay Hillman., Baltimore, MD 21218. Breeder: Gary Poteat & Debra J Poteat & G M Delong.
B/G1 15 CH INDIANA JONES FROM ASTORIA BAY. RM 33074501. 04-04-98
(Lance B Deloria, Agent).
By Resan's Rainy Day Man - Nemesis Dalba Lunga. Fox Terriers (Wire). Dog.
Owner: Joyce Diehl & Ana Claudia Torralvo., Piedmont, SC 29673. Breeder: Ana Claudia Torralvo.
B/G3 12 CH WELSHIRE WELL WISHER. RM 31168802. 06-06-00
(George Wright, Agent).
By Ch Welshire Wye O'Wye - Ch Saredon Dancing With Danger. Welsh Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Mr C Freeman Ayers., Morristown, NJ 07960. Breeder: Owner.
B/G2 14 CH ELSINORE VEUVE CLICQUOT . RM 21743306. 06-17-97
By Ch Donnybrook's George - Ch Elsinore Grand Cru. West Highland White Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Linda J Servin., Quincy, MA 02170. Breeder: Linda J Servin.
JUDGE: Mrs. Ann D. Hearn
B/G1 7 CH SYMPHONY'S HOLD THAT THOUGHT. TN 63036105. 11-17-97
By Ch Schenden Special Vintage - Ch Ardenada's Elweritsche Fridel. Brussels Griffons. Dog.
Owner: Cynthia Muir., Alpharetta, GA 30005. Breeder: Cynthia Muir.
B/G4 7 CH RATTLEBRIDGE CODE OF HONOR. TN 78782801. 11-30-98
(Handler: Linda Pitts).
By Ch Ravenrush Unanimous Choice - Ch Rattlebridge Allencia. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Dog.
Owner: William Smith & Mary Walker-Smith & M Johnson-Smith., Charlotte, NC 282107837. Breeder: Priscilla Benkin & Meredith Johnson-Snyder.
B/G2 19 CH GNAL LITTLE BIG MAN. TP 07117301. 07-24-00
(Frances W Keyes, Agent).
By Gnal Ibeearth - Chim Char's First Edition. Chihuahuas (Long Coat). Dog.
Owner: B J Andrews & D Alverson., Columbus, NC 28722. Breeder: S Lang.
B/G3 7 CH LINN-LEE'S ST MARTIN. TP 05232801. 05-27-00
(David Fitzpatrick, Agent).
By Ch Mublin Monopoly - Linn-Lee's Dance With Mandy. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Erna G Holcombe., Morris, AL 35116. Breeder: Erna Holcombe.
JUDGE: Mrs. Joan Frailey (DECEASED)
B/G3 11 CH STERLING'S SILVER MIME. NM 76210101. 08-31-97
(Linda Clark, Agent).
By Ch Sterling Rumor Has It - Ch Sunkings Scarlet Alexis. Bichons Frises. Dog.
Owner: Shirley J Shaft & Stewart Shaft & Tamra & Alvin Roth., Northfield, MN 55057. Breeder: P Flores & Sherry Swarts & Nadine & H Minsky.
B/G4 10 CH WY-NOT JUST FOR GRINS. NM 85567802. 01-28-00
By Ch Davane-Dunhoff Arch Angel CD - Ch Kimkev's Wyoming Cowgirl. Boston Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Susan & Ed Adams., Atlanta, GA 30327. Breeder: Katheryn Currier & Betty Swick.
B/G2 39 CH TANGO'S ROCK MY WORLD. NM 74669001. 07-25-97
(Millie Holden, Agent).
By Ch Westmore's Irish Creme - Tango's One For The Road. Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: Marjorie Kepley & Jack Kepley & Millie Watkins., Summerfield, NC 27358. Breeder: M Watkins.
B/G1 18 CH CINBREN GREG-MAR BAR KING LEEA. PP 59497601. 05-29-99
(Christian Manelopoulos, Agent).
By Ch Bar King Wildways Protocol - Greg-Mar Rony. Poodles (Miniature). Bitch.
Owner: Susan L Jones & Kathleen Poe., Greensboro, NC 27455. Breeder: Beva Wahl & Martin Gregory.
JUDGE: Mrs. Stephanie S. Hedgepath
B/G2 20 CH BRACKENHILL STAR OF BONCLYDE. DL 84787504. 08-16-00
(Susan Moorehead, Agent).
By Ch Trumagik Tartan Scott - Ch Brackenhill Wish A Lot HS. Border Collies. Bitch.
Owner: Bonnie Buchanan., Sanford, NC 273312208. Breeder: Linda M Mooradian & Annemarie Silverton.
B/G4 18 CH SOMERSET AUTUMN DREAM. DL 80915402. 10-07-99
By Ch Twin City Secret Ambition - Somerset's Small Town Girl. Collies (Rough). Bitch.
Owner: Vicky Lee., Lillington, NC 27546. Breeder: Nanette Colwell.
B/G3 11 CH RAFFLES N TOJO BAH RAM EWE. DL 81844501. 08-29-99
By Ch Raffles The Tailless Tyke - Ch Eliza Doo Much. Old English Sheepdogs. Dog.
Owner: Michelle Redfern & Toni Lett., Landrum, SC 29356. Breeder: Toni Lett & Nigel & Sarah & Mathew Munce.
(Handler: Linda Pitts).
By Ch Bokar Artful Dodger - Ch Cordmaker Kepes Jana. Pulik. Dog.
Owner: Jackie Beaudoin & Sue Huebner & Carolyn Nusbickel., Castle Rock, CO 80104. Breeder: Sue Huebner.

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