Lima Kennel Club - Saturday 11/18/00 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mr. Roger R. Hartinger
(Handler: Vicki Seiler).
By Ch Ravenrush Gillespie - Ch Rattlebridge Make Belive. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Dog.
Owner: Susan B Lybrand & Meredith Johnson-Snyder., Marengo, OH 43334. Breeder: Meredith Johnson-Snyder & Lamont M Yoder.
JUDGE: Mrs. Lowell (Arlene) K. Davis
B/G2 15 CH FLATFORD ZEUS THE MAJOR GOD JH. SN 10224605. 09-19-93
(Mr Mark Bettis, Agent).
By Ch Snowdown Canis Major CD - Ch Darkside Elegant Velvet CD. Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Dog.
Owner: Dr Robert & Sonja Rickert & Mary & Marv Farwell., Lake Bluff, IL 60044. Breeder: Mary & Marv Farwell.
B/G1 36 CH HONEYGAIT N LAMPLITER FEVER. SN 43790101. 04-23-97
By Ch Kerryhill Lamplr Ropin'thewind - Ch Foxtract's Honeygait Alexa. Setters (English). Bitch.
Owner: Judith M Mates & David E Mates., Hebron, IL 600349571. Breeder: John & Mary Nowak.
B/G3 20 CH GALLANT COLORADO'S BEST. SN 45211401. 05-06-97
By Ch Gallant Black Magic - Ch Gallant Midnight Star. Spaniels (Cocker) Black. Bitch.
Owner: Nancy Gallant & Lisa Arnett., Battle Creek, MI 49014. Breeder: Thomas F Smalley.
B/G4 16 CH SAN JO'S PLAYIN TO WIN. SN 50865901. 11-11-97
By Ch Rendition Triple Play - Ch Lancer's Hear No Evil. Spaniels (Cocker) Parti-Color. Bitch.
Owner: Sandra Bell., Statesboro, GA 30461. Breeder: Sandra Bell.
JUDGE: Mrs. Elaine I. Rigden (DECEASED)
B/G2 7 CH WHIPPERINN VIRGIL J. HM 66077702. 07-28-96
(Ms. Betty Jo Patterson, Agent).
By Ch Casualeigh Liaison - Ch Birchwood Amazing Alexis. English Foxhounds. Dog.
Owner: Dr Wm Newman & Cynthia Stewart & Art Johnson., Winchester, TN 37398. Breeder: Malcolm & Lyn Fellows.
B/G1 10 CH HUZZAH SWEET MOLLY MALONE. HM 67283501. 10-24-96
(Handler: Nina Fetter PHA/DHG/AKC).
By Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins - Ch Huzzah Easy Sailing. Greyhounds. Bitch.
Owner: Deborah & Robert Cooper., Oak Park, IL 60302. Breeder: Patricia Ide.
B/G3 7 CH CRAIGWOOD DEHRA OZZIE. HM 79087901. 07-15-98
(Mr David Fitzpatrick, Agent).
By Ch Dehra Querelle - Ch Dehra Pepperhill Estime. Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens. Dog.
Owner: Nancy Bosley., Newton, CT 06470. Breeder: Sandra H Campbell & Nicholas Frost.
B/G4 8 CH JOMARA'S MYSTIC TEHEN KIA. HM 82483404. 03-12-99
(Handler: Robert F Double PHA/AKC).
By Ch Shema's Mia Mystic Warrior - Ch Shema's Mia Jubilee. Pharaoh Hounds. Bitch.
Owner: Joe Prater & Howard Foster., Marion, OH 43302. Breeder: Marie E Henke & Joe Henke & Pam Haig & Joyce Martin.
JUDGE: Mrs. Wendy G. Willhauck
B/G3 94 CH DECO'S HOT FUDGE V LEGEND. WP 71787801. 06-07-96
(Handler: Gwen L DeMilta AKC/PHA).
By Ch Cambria's Cactus Cash - Ch Legend's The Dragoness V Deco. Doberman Pinschers. Bitch.
Owner: T & B Devlin & D Stiner & B Goldfein & K & T Hughs., Lakeland, MN 550439602. Breeder: Terri & Bill Devlin & Debbie & Mike Stiner.
B/G4 9 CH KENNEVIEW ALL THE RIGHT STUFF. WP 78906501. 12-08-96
By Ch Kenneview's Ruff Stuff - Ch Kenneview's Classic Design. Great Pyrenees. Dog.
Owner: Kyle A Simons & Paula J Midgorden., Pleasantville, IA 50225. Breeder: Carole V Baxter & Deborah M & David E Hunt.
B/G2 9 CH TRUSTS GENTLE BEN V SLATON. WP 77422201. 09-30-96
By Ch Slaton's Lite-Weight He Ain't - Sanctus Black Diamond. St Bernards. Dog.
Owner: Linda Bulicz & Shirley & Joe Wolf & Janet Lange., Canton, OH 44707. Breeder: Denise L Greenaway.
B/G1 38 CH KONTOKI'S FREEZE ON DOWN THE ROAD. WP 76532303. 03-01-97
(Mr Thomas L Oelschlager, Agent).
By Ch Kontoki's Natural Sinner - Ch Snow Sword JP Evening Star. Siberian Huskies. Bitch.
Owner: Mrs L Stewart Cochrane & Marlene A DePalma., W Brandywine, PA 19320. Breeder: Thomas L Oelschlager.
JUDGE: Mrs. Ann D. Hearn
1/W/B/BW 8 BROWYN'S DIA LIOM OF BREHON. RM 27827508. 05-10-99
/G3By Brownyn's Aldebaran - Browyn's Thunderstruck. Bull Terriers (Colored).
Owner: Wayne & Kathy Mclinden & Joyce Brown., Bethel Park, PA 151021035. Breeder: Joyce L Brown.
B/G1 15 CH RAPIDAN WELL CHOSEN. RM 21599103. 08-16-97
(Mr Douglas R Holloway Jr, Agent).
By Ch Rapidan Oh By George - Ch Rapidan String Of Pearls. Fox Terriers (Smooth). Dog.
Owner: J M Ritchie & C Heimann & D Knipes., Philadelphia, PA 19103. Breeder: Patrick Glover.
B/G2 15 CH CORDIAL O'CONNELL. RM 18571503. 08-14-96
(Handler: Mary Beecher Padgett DHG).
By Ch Cordial Comet O'Lyrna - Ch Cordial M'Lady Gwendolyn. Kerry Blue Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Tom & Jeanne Rogers., Joliet, IL 60431. Breeder: Dr Donald E Wilde.
B/G4 30 CH MAC-KEN-CHAR'S CARBON COPY. RM 21793701. 05-07-97
By Ch Mac-Ken-Char's Pride O'Lin-Chris - Ch Mac-Ken-Char's White Mischief. West Highland White Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Joanne & Jaimi Glodek., Severn, MD 21144. Breeder: Joanne & Jaimi Glodek & Thomas & Sarah Long.
JUDGE: Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr.
(Handler: Vicki Seiler).
By Ch Ravenrush Gillespie - Ch Rattlebridge Make Belive. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Dog.
Owner: Susan B Lybrand & Meredith Johnson-Snyder., Marengo, OH 43334. Breeder: Meredith Johnson-Snyder & Lamont M Yoder.
B/G3 15 CH BLUESTONE CHARLIE CHAN. TN 64522301. 09-01-97
(Mr David Fitzpatrick, Agent).
By Ch Tiobo's Barney Google Cadaron - Ch Bluestone Clymenstra. Chinese Cresteds. Dog.
Owner: Ashlyn Cannon & Jean Wallace., Myrtle Beach, SC 29578. Breeder: Ashlyn Cannon & Jean Wallace.
B/G4 53 CH ABSOLUTES WYNDLOR SOLID GOLD. TN 88134802. 05-01-99
(Handler: Nina Fetter PHA/DHG/AKC).
By Ch Absolutes Sole Survivor - Wyndlor Absolute Gold Digger. Pomeranians. Dog.
Owner: Barbara Boehmer., Oceanside, NY 11572. Breeder: Becky Sabourin & Jeanne Blank.
(Mr Luke Ehricht, Agent).
By Ch Symarun's Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy - Charing Cross Syd Charisse. Shih Tzu. Dog.
Owner: Gilbert S Kahn., Monclova, OH 43542. Breeder: Gilbert S Kahn & Barbara Finanger.
JUDGE: Mrs. Paula Hartinger
B/G4 7 CH ANNALEES ROBINSON CRUSOE. NM 69934202. 09-06-96
(Handler: Vicki Seiler).
By Annalee Stinging Sensation Of San-D - Annalee's Blessed Penny. Boston Terriers. Dog.
Owner: J Harner & E A Sternaka & V Prater., Barbertown, OH 44203. Breeder: Emily A Steranka & Venita Prater.
B/G2 11 CH TANGO'S ROCK MY WORLD. NM 74669001. 07-25-97
(Ms. Millie Holden, Agent).
By Ch Westmore's Irish Creme - Tango's One For The Road. Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: Majorie Kepley & Jack Kepley & Millie Watkins., Summerfield, NC 27358. Breeder: M Watkins.
B/G1 8 CH.NORTHWIND STORMY NIGHT. NM 73326002. 05-10-97
By Ch.Northwind-Malton Just A Dream - Ch.Northwind Rufkins Calendar Girl. Lhasa Apsos. Bitch.
Owner: Cindy Butsic & Judy George & Jeff Roberts., Greenville, MI 48838. Breeder: Cindy Butsic &Roberta Lombardi & Barbara Voss.
B/G3 34 CH MAJA'S WILD BLUE YONDER. PP 57536001. 11-25-98
By Ch Whisperwind Sky Dancer - Happy Hill's Wild And Wonderful. Poodles (Standard). Bitch.
Owner: Jeanne Hamilton & Madeline Llewellyn., Greensburg, PA 15601. Breeder: Owners.
JUDGE: Mr. James R. White
B/G1 47 CH ARGENT BIG BANG. DL 67066601. 01-14-97
(Handler: Diane Steele).
By Ch Alfenloch The Silver Laser - Ch Royal Guards I'm Merry Too. Collies (Rough). Dog.
Owner: Dr Cindi Bossart & Joyce L Scott., Ft Lauderdale, FL 333345237. Breeder: Dr Cindi Bossart.
B/G3 15 CH BO-DANDY'S FUZZY WUZZY. DL 62612102. 02-24-96
(Dona Williams, Agent).
By Ch Pinewynd's Sparkling Brut - Deep River's Blackberry Tea. Collies (Smooth). Dog.
Owner: Debra & Robert Waelde., Evansville, IN 47710. Breeder: Nancy J Parker & Kathy Moll.
B/G4 9 CH LAMBLUV'S LAST TANGO IN B A. DL 69601101. 06-18-97
By Ch Seathwaite Connorfur Bailey - Lambluvgambolon Diamond Diva. Old English Sheepdogs. Dog.
Owner: Jere Marder & Lynn Levine., Chicago, IL 60611. Breeder: Jere Marder & Lynn Levine & Gail Caso.
B/G2 50 CH COVENTRY QUEUE. DL 70449902. 08-04-97
(Mr Michael E Scott, Agent).
By Ch Nebriowa Front And Center - Ch Cordeen's Simply Red. Welsh Corgis (Pembroke) OLD. Bitch.
Owner: Mrs Alan R Robson & Steven Leyerly., Glenmorre, PA 19343. Breeder: Steven Leyerly & William Shelton.

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