Spartanburg Kennel Club, Inc. - Friday 02/18/11

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mr. Don R. Duerksen
AFGHAN HOUNDS. Puppy, 6 & Under 9 Months Dogs.
1 25SUNCREST TESSERACT. HP 38009005. 06-16-10
By Ch Winsong Hollywood Park - Ch Elmo's My Favorite Martian.
Owner: Jerry Hastings & Alice Hastings. Breeder: Jerry & Alice Hastings & Peter Belmont.
AFGHAN HOUNDS. 12 & Under 18 Months Dogs.
1 19ELAN SEBRING ALCIDE. HP 36692802. 01-09-10
By Ch Tells Elan Sebring The Womanizer - Ch Sebring Elan Alegria.
Owner: Calvena Evetts & Rachel Irvin & Jerry Klein & Daniel Wangler. Breeder: Dr Jerry Klein & Daniel Wangler & Rachel Irvin & Charles Irvin.
AFGHAN HOUNDS. Amateur-Owner-Handler Dogs.
A 17KOMAR'S FIREHOUSE E-Z RIDER. HP 34848408. 08-03-09
By Komar's Joker's Wild - Komar's Tera'n Round.
Owner: Joey Campbell & Kimberly Campbell. Breeder: Marion Roby.
AFGHAN HOUNDS. Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
1 7KASBAN AFFIRMED OF CANDIDA. HP 36290507. 11-14-09
By Ch Winsong Hollywood Park - Ch Kasban Copacabana.
Owner: Roger Brown & Laura Mauldin. Breeder: J & J Taylor & Laura Mauldin & Roger Brown.
1/W 15CHARSADA DREAM NO SMALL DREAMS SC. HP 18266905. 06-20-05
(2 Points)By Ch TopFlite Dreams Kramatir - Charsada Aboriginal Dreamtime.
Owner: Jean Martin & Brenda Burns. Breeder: Brenda Burns.
(Eddie Kominek, Agent).
2/R 23JOROGZ' CROSSFIRE JC. HP 32238002. 01-18-08
By Ch Jorogz' Heartbreaker - Ch Llacue's Aloof Freedom Lover.
Owner: Linda E Kolb & John R Morton. Breeder: J Llano & M Cuevas & L & J Filippone.
AFGHAN HOUNDS. Amateur-Owner-Handler Bitches.
By Bi Ju's Ka Zar - Southern Comfort Bi Ju Lilly.
Owner: Kimberly Campbell & Danielle Lyons. Breeder: Alison B Hughes.
AFGHAN HOUNDS. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
1/R 10KASBAN EGYPTIAN BLUE. HP 31799303. 07-06-08
By Ch Cypress Skgken Not Stirrep - Ch Kasban Seven Th Heaven.
Owner: Laura Mauldin. Breeder: Laura Mauldin & Larry Idol.
AFGHAN HOUNDS. Open Bitches.
2 8NALIKAR DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'. HP 34144903. 07-11-08
By Seistan's Heart T'Beat - Ch Nalikar Twisted Fate.
Owner: Karen Pearson & Kathy Saville & Raymond Yurick. Breeder: Kathy Saville & Karen Pearson.
(Doug G Belter, Agent).
1/W/BW 18ELSTO KHARIZ DINA. HP 39268201. 04-26-07
(2 Points)By Ch Elan Sebring The Matrix - Ch Elsto The Winner Takes All.
Owner: Rachel Irvin. Breeder: Elsa Storesund.
AFGHAN HOUNDS. Best of Breed Competition.
SEL 9POLO'S MATIDOR. HP 38550001. 05-14-05
By Gengala Super Trooper - Polo's Did It My Way. Dog.
Owner: Jolie Sartiano & Lorraine Amadeo & Samantha Gray. Breeder: Lorraine Amadeo.
(Gary R Sheetz, Agent).
B 11CH KASBAN AMERICAN IDOL. HP 07439103. 08-05-03
By Ch Gazon The Truth Be Told - Ch Kasban Seventh Heaven. Dog.
Owner: Charlotte Laura Salles & Laura Mauldin. Breeder: Laura Part Mauldin & Leslie Stoffels.
OS 14CH KASBAN WITCHES BRITCHES. HP 24291202. 10-22-06
By Ch Kasban American Idol - Ch Kasban Bewitching Breeze. Bitch.
Owner: Jerry & Alice Hastings. Breeder: Laura Mauldin.

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