Spartanburg Kennel Club, Inc. - Friday 02/18/11

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mrs. Christine E. Calcinari
BRITTANYS. Puppy, 6 & Under 9 Months Dogs.
1 11AMMO'S GAMEBOY. SR 62823402. 06-14-10
By Ammo's One Man Band - Ammo's Wild Honey.
Owner: Emilie Simmons & James Simmons & Sandra Leavens. Breeder: Sandra Leavens & Gary D Leavens.
(Lara H Spears, Agent).
BRITTANYS. Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
1/W/B/BW 7DOGWOOD HOLLOW INTO THE WEST. SR 44844002. 06-04-07
(2 Points)By Jordean-Sequani C I Told You So - Dogwood Hollow By Any Other Name.
Owner: Cheryl Mika & Rhonda Cornum & Geri O Clements & Gary. Breeder: Geri O Clements & Gary Clements.
2/R 17ILLUSION N' GINJAC ICE WIZARD. SR 62035101. 05-05-10
By Ch Brookewood's Power Play - Ch Illusion's Gem Of Brookewood JH.
Owner: Lisa Horner & Abbie Hanson & Beth Kirvin. Breeder: Abbie Hanson & Beth Kirvin & Gina & Jeffrey Currier.
BRITTANYS. Puppy, 6 & Under 9 Months Bitches.
(2 Points)By Brookses Snake Eyes - Rimrock Tess.
Owner: Martha Nelson. Breeder: William Edward Elam Jr.
2 18RIVAL'S SHAMROCK AT SOLI DEO. SR 62960202. 06-14-10
By Ch Shamrock's Dash Of Treasure JH - Ch Tonan Dream Of Me.
Owner: Mark Morris & Angelia Broom & Valerie G Dombrowski. Breeder: Valerie & Richard Dombrowski & Megan Rosener & Brittany Rosener.
BRITTANYS. Open Bitches.
1/R 12BLUSILK'S SHOT OF IRISH CREAM. SR 49867301. 05-25-08
By Ch Ammo's Gamblin' On Dually JH - Britt Haven's Silka.
Owner: Patricia & James McCarthy & Sandra Leavens. Breeder: Patricia & James McCarthy.
(Lara H Spears, Agent).
3 14RUFFWOOD-N-K STAR'S SUNSATION JH. SR 41948001. 06-19-06
By Eschenholz DJ Leo - Ruffwood's Algonquin Indigo.
Owner: Kathy Shannon. Breeder: Mike & Donna Wilshire.
2 16K STAR CAN HOLLY SNO BEST. SR 54210301. 12-24-08
By Ch Granmars-N- Kstar Can Drew JH - Ch Kstar Angelina Sno's Best JH.
Owner: Kathy Shannon. Breeder: Kathy Shannon.
(Tim Foley, Agent).

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