Kennel Club Of Philadelphia, Inc. - Saturday 11/22/2008

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JUDGE: Mr. Joseph F. Joly III
3 12BACKDRAFTS SWEET ADELINE. DN 17228506. 02-09-07
By Ch Markenhaus Don't Fence Me In - MacDan's Firebell. German Shepherd Dogs.
Owner: Sharliene Bowers & Rebecca Miller & Andrew Doerrman., Fleetwood, PA 19522. Breeder: Sharliene Bowers & Maxine Rader.
Jr. Handler: Andrew Doerrman
2 17COLLIECOVE FOOLS GOLD . DN 06418401. 02-04-04
By Ch Galatean Time In A Bottle - Colliecove Golden Nugget. Collies (Rough).
Owner: Gerrie Oliver., Closter, NJ 076242455. Breeder: Gerrie Oliver.
Jr. Handler: Courtney Luikert
A 19ASGARD RUBY RED DRESS. WS 22349309. 06-01-07
By Ch Halcyon's Nicholas Nickelby - Ch Asgard Oriana Zezanna. Standard Schnauzers.
Owner: Lydia Frey., Hume, VA 226391834. Breeder: Georgia Sabean.
Jr. Handler: Lydia Frey
By EWO's Smasher Von Meadow View - Sylvia Von Meadow View. Boxers.
Owner: Rosemarie Morris., Chambersburg, PA 17202. Breeder: Christ Lapp.
Jr. Handler: Joshua Reed
4 9PHOENIX'S FIRE MISSION. TR 40289801. 03-06-05
By Phoenix's Pyrotechnics - Phoenix's Oop And Running. Chinese Cresteds.
Owner: Barry & Deb Friedline., East Berlin, PA 173160704. Breeder: Barry & Deb Friedline.
Jr. Handler:
1 25CH TASHI'S ROXY. NP 17084105. 06-15-07
By Ch Merryway's Midnight Magic Myst - Mt.Breeze Charlie's Angel. Tibetan Terriers.
Owner: Jonathan Pennella & Sandra Moyer., Little Egg Harbor Tw, NJ 080879665. Breeder: Charlene S Wagner.
Jr. Handler: Jonathan Pennella
3 26CH CHADWICK TAITTINGER. TR 27100002. 05-18-04
By Immenhof's Dom Perignon - Chadwick Savior Faire. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Owner: Susan O'Connor & Hayley Hendrick., New Canaan, CT 068404328. Breeder: C Anne Eckersley.
Jr. Handler: Hayley Hendrick
2 27CH DARBY'S LA FEMME FATALE. SR 36790401. 05-09-06
By Ch Ziel-Lor's Wild Tiger Root - Ch Darby's Photo Play Centerfold. Spaniels (English Cocker).
Owner: Victoria Childs & Heather Childs & Sharon Spellman., Chester Springs, PA 194253683. Breeder: Sharon M Spellman.
Jr. Handler: Victoria Childs
4 14ASHINGTON'S CELEBRATE MAE. SR 44924501. 08-16-07
By Ashington's Celebrate Life - Ashington's Butterscotch Cookie. Retrievers (Golden).
Owner: Michael J Filicko & Caroline Bruton., Milton, DE 19968. Breeder: Michael Filicko.
Jr. Handler: Conner Filicko
1 15CH TUNG'S WALK THE LINE MR. WALKER. HP 19313801. 10-29-05
By Ch Windkist A Walk In The Park - Ch Longhorn's She'l Leave U Wa. Beagles, Over 13 In. But Not Exceeding 15 In..
Owner: Thomas Hartung & Angela Chase., Lancaster, PA 17601. Breeder: Aaron Wilkerson & Sharon Wilkerson.
Jr. Handler: Angela Chase
30GMC CHASE THE DREAM-SKY'S THE LIMIT. WS 26757507. 04-24-08
By Ch Tallyesyn Dream Chaser - Ch GMC Take It To The Limit Caleb. Doberman Pinschers.
Owner: Leah Ramsey & Linda Ramsey., Hewitt, NJ 074211748. Breeder: Gerry Mull.
Jr. Handler: Leah Ramsey
32TRI'D N TRU ANIRON. DN 19559505. 09-14-07
By Ch Corgard Thanks For Th' Memories - Lost River Tri'd N Tru Irish Diva. Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
Owner: Evan Struke & Kathleen Hash., Baltimore, MD 212122410. Breeder: Kathleen Hash & Shawn Michael.
Jr. Handler: Evan Struke
3 33STONEWALL'S DREAM SHARED. DN 15842706. 07-26-06
By Ch Stonewall Boys Of Summer - Ch Stonewall Sweet Dreams. Bouviers des Flandres.
Owner: Jamie Lamphier & Pam Anderson & Mary Lamphier., White Post, VA 226632501. Breeder: P Anderson & D Eichhorn & A Pusey.
Jr. Handler: Jamie Lamphier
34CH WASSONG'S SHENANIGAN'S LNE'S. NP 02138805. 11-18-02
By Ch Ambrier's Nothing Gets Past Zeke - Ch Ambrier's Bensar Ruffian Rebel. Tibetan Spaniels.
Owner: Caitlyn Moran., Teaneck, NJ 076663035. Breeder: Patricia C Sarles & Kevin Wassong.
Jr. Handler: Caitlyn Moran
A 35NORWOOD ULTRA GLIDE. DN 13332403. 12-15-05
By Ch Liemist As You Like It - Ch Norwood Nenana. Shetland Sheepdogs.
Owner: Jordan Sugg., Port Matilda, PA 168707408. Breeder: Alexandra Luhrs.
Jr. Handler: Jordan Sugg
2 36CH HIGH MTN MAKING A SPLASH . RN 11894202. 07-21-06
By Ch High Mtn Shenanigans - Indigos High Mountain Showgirl. Fox Terriers (Smooth).
Owner: Bridget Ratcliffe., Millersville, MD 211081774. Breeder: Kevin & Jennifer Smith & Carolyn & Richard Snavely.
Jr. Handler: Bridget Ratcliffe
37CH ASTRO HALEY'S COMET. HP 11186604. 08-03-04
By Ch Lanbur One Man Show - Ch Shirlynn Meadowland Magic Moon. Beagles, Over 13 In. But Not Exceeding 15 In..
Owner: Anthony Saunders & Todd Ranson & Jennifer Gonzalez., Setauket, NY 117331414. Breeder: Todd Ranson & Shirley Irwin.
Jr. Handler: Pam Ranson
3 5CH BRIARPATCH TOP THAT NA NAJ PT RN. DN 06095202. 11-27-03
By Ch Briarpatch Who Was That CD OA OAJ - Ch Briarpatch Picture Perfect. Bearded Collies.
Owner: Anna K Gracie & L Campbell-Gracie., Glyndon, MD 21071. Breeder: A Rothwell & J Straw & Anna Gracie & L Campbell-Gracie.
Jr. Handler: Anna Gracie
By Ch Gladkic Veter New Year King - DC Vento Danza Infinity SC. Borzois.
Owner: C Cedeno & Dr G Thiele & C D Greene., Leola, PA 175401606. Breeder: CeDenzo & Burkholder & Silguero & Judd & Childs.
Jr. Handler: Cassandra Cedeno
43CH GINGERY'S PHOENIX. TR 53764901. 06-05-06
By Stratford Gingery's Liberace - Ch Gingery's Stellaluna. Chinese Cresteds.
Owner: Bess Cleveland & Lori Brum & Arlene Butterklee & Victor., Gastonia, NC 280566613. Breeder: Arlene Butterklee & Victor Helu.
Jr. Handler: Elisabeth Cleveland
1/BJ 44CH RAMBLIN' RED TAX REFORM . SR 07539802. 02-27-03
By Ch Triskelion Irish Destiny - Ch Ramblin' Red Maleficent. Setters (Irish).
Owner: Lydia Rogers & M T O'Malley & A M Kubacz & K Schwartz., Haddon Township, NJ 081082328. Breeder: M T O'Malley & A M Kubacz & K L Schwartz.
Jr. Handler: Lydia Rogers
45CH BRIARBROOKS VIEWPOINT. DL 84719801. 07-08-00
By Ch Kaleidoscope Case In Point - Ch Briarbrook Silver Anniversary. Australian Shepherds.
Owner: Janice L McGivney., Medford, NY 117632228. Breeder: Linda Wilson.
Jr. Handler: Alexandra Mace
46KAYLEN'S BLACK SAPPHIRE BMW. PR 10313408. 07-13-07
By Ch Marquis Eat Your Wheaties - Ch Kaylendacunyoubetterbelieveit. Poodles (Standard).
Owner: Kay L Peiser & Miriam Robin., Owings Mills, MD 211171256. Breeder: Kay L Peiser & Manon Donlevy.
Jr. Handler: Miriam Robin
47CH BROOKSONG LYRIC'S DOLCE CANTO . SR 06360502. 02-25-03
By Ch Middlebrook Velvet Calon - Ch Rolyart's Last Lyrical Aria. Spaniels (Welsh Springer).
Owner: Gina Smith & Michelle Brooks., Princeton Junction, NJ 085503514. Breeder: Michelle Brooks & Marion Daniel.
Jr. Handler: Jason Friedline
2 48CH SAYTAR'S METEOR SHOWER SW. HP 15240505. 01-14-05
By Ch Re:Joyce Carpe Diem SW - Ch Char-Dachs Eu Kan't Touch This. Dachshunds (Wirehaired).
Owner: Travis Cramsey & Michael W Reed., Allentown, PA 181038332. Breeder: Michael W Reed & Charlotte A Fowler.
Jr. Handler: Travis Cramsey
4 49BARYNUK'S SNOW AT SUNSET . WS 09015104. 04-26-04
By Ch Barynuk's Wild Dakota Wind - Ch Barynuk's Poetry In Motion. Siberian Huskies.
Owner: Anita Rash & Brian M Flory & Barry Brunner., Mechanicsburg, PA 170509154. Breeder: B L Brunner & Brian M Flory.
Jr. Handler: Vesta Rash
50LNE'S IRISH ROSE. NP 07362801. 07-11-04
By Ch Flubber Of Lollipop - Ch Wassong's Shenanigans LNE's. Tibetan Spaniels.
Owner: Lorraine & Eugene Moran., Teaneck, NJ 076663035. Breeder: Lorraine Moran & Eugene Moran.
Jr. Handler: Megan Moran
51CH TIARA NE-KABU CHARIOTS OF FIRE. HP 21173903. 04-01-06
By DC Jomara's Mystic Tuthmosis RA - Ch Kamlyn's Way To Go Tia JC. Pharaoh Hounds.
Owner: Alyssa Flashburg & Kimberly Grega., Wayside, NJ 07712. Breeder: Kimberly A Grega.
Jr. Handler: Alyssa Flashburg
52CH SHALEE'S ROYAL LEGACY . TR 06053401. 09-18-02
By Ch Shalee Tawny Mist Royal Silk - Ch Alcamar Shalee Imperial Rose. Silky Terriers.
Owner: Carol Zaretski & L M Zaretski MD & Shelby L Daniels., North Haledon, NJ 075082839. Breeder: Shauna L Jones.
Jr. Handler: Shelby Leigh Daniels

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