Del Valle Dog Club Of Livermore - Sunday 10/19/2008

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.
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JUDGE: Mr. Elliott B. Weiss
TIBETAN TERRIERS. 12 to 18 Months Bitches.
1/W 10SHEY PANDAN LU TSE OF ASHLYN. NP 18164902. 09-16-07
(1 Point)By Ch Shalishan Rock Me Amadeus - Ch Ashlyn Shey's Divine Design.
Owner: Jane Martin Linda Bofenkamp & Ron Jaramillo., Napa, CA 945585028. Breeder: Linda Bofenkamp & Ron Jaramillo & William Bofenkamp.
2 16REGALIA CAVU ALMOST PARADISE. NP 17730301. 07-02-07
By Ch Shadowoods Heritage Of Regalia - Regalia Amador Lil.
Owner: Tina Wasemiller & Jeanette Chaix., Woodland, CA 956952845. Breeder: Jeanette Chaix.
TIBETAN TERRIERS. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
1/R 18REGALIA BLOND AMBITION. NM 92434503. 07-01-01
By Ch Atisha's Tiger Of Kilimanjaro - Ch Regalias Desdemona.
Owner: Jeanette Chaix., Jackson, CA 956422441. Breeder: Jeanette Chaix.
2 22REGALIA HARRIET. NP 10931503. 11-09-07
By Ch Shadowoods Heritage Of Regalia - All That Jazz.
Owner: Gerald Chaix & Jeanette Chaix & Art Morin., Jackson, CA 956422441. Breeder: Betty Stewart & Jeanette Chaix.
A 12PRIN-SU VELVET NIGHT AT MAORGA. NP 14661702. 09-22-06
By Prin-su New Mandela - Prin-Su's Meri Amanda.
Owner: Hanlon Carol Robert., Jamul, CA 919352321. Breeder: Alice H Smith.
(Allan Chambers, Agent).
TIBETAN TERRIERS. Best of Breed Competition.
7CAVU'S GOLD STAR. NP 18723601. 10-31-07
By Ch Atish Regalia's Golden Snitch - Ch Cavu's Tanis. Dog.
Owner: Carolyn Stevenson & Tina Wasemiller., Watsonville, CA 950763434. Breeder: Tina Wasemiller & Carolyn Stevenson.
B 8CH PLAYERS PROTOCOL. NP 07524701. 09-16-04
By Ch Players Prodigy - Players Persuasion. Bitch.
Owner: Louis Krokover & David Murray., Valley Glen, CA 914013003. Breeder: David Murray & Laurel MacMinn.
9REGALIA O'GORMANS RILEY. NP 17730304. 07-02-07
By Ch Shadowood's Heritage Of Regalia - Regalia Amador Lil. Dog.
Owner: James O'Gorman., San Jose, CA 951204835. Breeder: Jeanette Chaix.
(Elena Herrera, Agent).
OS 11CH BONARIO'S WHITE TIE AND TAILS. NP 13064403. 03-26-06
By Ch KiMik's Bare Necessities - Ch Sakura Roji Lola Ginobrigida. Dog.
Owner: James & Gayle McCullough., Sacramento, CA 958312413. Breeder: Pamela Grutzmacher & Michelle Amaral.
(Jean Gauchat-Hargis, Agent).
14CH SUNCLIPSE CINNAMON GIRL. NP 13392502. 04-24-06
By Ch SunClipse Becuz Chix Dig It - Ch Cavu Regalia's Bam Boozle. Bitch.
Owner: Ron Wiley & Marge Wiley., Tracy, CA 953780970. Breeder: Ron Wiley & Tina Wasemiller.

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