Del Valle Dog Club Of Livermore - Sunday 10/19/2008

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.
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JUDGE: Mrs. Shirley D. Limoges
1/W/BW 9SOBERS ILLARION. TR 71743801. 08-08-06
(1 Point)By Nitusch Dante - Peachwoods Primavera.
Owner: Virginia Gould., Fresno, CA 937279724. Breeder: Bitte Ahrens.
ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS. 12 to 18 Months Bitches.
A 8WINSOME LA DOLCE VITA. TR 692350. 08-09-07
By Ch Winsome Seize The Day - Ch Winsome She's A Doozey.
Owner: Louise Gane & Judy Bloom., Sacramento, CA 958194002. Breeder: Sharon Henley & Pat Triandos.
ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
2 14D'FOLLY HARLEQUIN GIRL JO-NA-DA JC. TR 48657102. 12-11-05
By Ch Sierravue By Design - Ch Jo-Na-Da's Love Letters JC.
Owner: Vikki Landes., Oakland, CA 946015524. Breeder: Vikki Landes & Nona Molaison.
1/R 16SIERRAVUE LOOK WHO'S TALKING. TR 74001403. 11-11-07
By Lagunas Get Ready For Teddy - Sierravue Kiss And Tell.
Owner: Kim Brinker., Fresno, CA 937271416. Breeder: Kim Brinker & Bonnie Fox.
1/W/OS 10PY'S GRIZELDA. TR 75749301. 09-14-07
(1 Point)By Py's Eros - Py's Biscaya.
Owner: Virginia Gould & Mikael Axenborg., Fresno, CA 937279724. Breeder: Mikael Axenborg.
2 12HONEYBEECH FALL FROM GRACE. TR 76500101. 06-08-06
By Honeybeech Harvest Moon - Honeybeech Donna Helena.
Owner: Geoff & Carole Brunning., San Martin, CA 950469639. Breeder: Frances Adams.
ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS. Best of Breed Competition.
B 7CH KC'S SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING. TR 66922405. 07-19-07
By Ch Bellagio Sonata West Texas Teddy - Ch Halo KC A League Of Her Own. Dog.
Owner: Camille Bakker & Kimberly Bakker., Oakdale, CA 953618040. Breeder: Camille Bakker & James Lowe.

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