Del Valle Dog Club Of Livermore - Sunday 10/19/2008

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.
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JUDGE: Mrs. Judith Goodin
GREAT DANES. Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Dogs.
(1 Point)By Ch Sasdania-Vitag's Frozen Asset - Ch Creekside-Bayside Just Tina.
Owner: Vincent & Joan Mulligan., Petaluma, CA 949521093. Breeder: G & L Kettring & J Brungard & K Rittichaikal.
GREAT DANES. Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Dogs.
2 7WCK-OLYMPUS' CHARIOT OF FIRE . WS 24750701. 01-12-08
By Ch Olympus' Pillar Of The Heavens - Ch Danosaur's Charlotte V WCK.
Owner: Denise & Brittany Williams & Mel Eso & Terry Toops., Ione, CA 95640. Breeder: Melonie & Robert Eso.
By Ch Kwik-dane's You Got The Best Of Me - MoreDane's The Beat Go's On.
Owner: Erin Dolin & Candace Gebhardt & Michelle Andreetta., Clovis, CA 936118183. Breeder: Linda Morelli.
GREAT DANES. Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
1 21OLYMPUS' HEROIC VICTORY . WS 18992101. 09-23-06
By Lore's Hunk Of Burning Love - Ch Olympus' Sweet Victory.
Owner: P & A Keeslar & D Williams., San Mateo, CA 944033921. Breeder: Denise & Brittany Williams.
GREAT DANES. American-Bred Dogs.
1 23FIRESIDES DARK RAVEN. WS 21745706. 03-30-07
By Ch Dana Tlbrk Darkside Of Fireside - Firesides Expialidocious.
Owner: Larry Carstensen & Barbara Garcia., Boulder Creek, CA 950069264. Breeder: John Garcia & Barbara Garcia.
GREAT DANES. Open, Black Dogs.
1/R 25TITANICOS SATURN MOON V TOCAN . WS 19936904. 10-27-06
By Ch Amadors Titan V Sharcon - Ch Rylaurs Keeping The Faith.
Owner: Connie Andronico., Kensington, CA 947071038. Breeder: Paula Hoffa & Candace Gebhardt.
GREAT DANES. Open, Fawn Dogs.
1 15BORGHI'S BORN IN THE USA. WS 18096101. 03-31-06
By Ch Maitau's Never Better - Ch VonRiesenhof The Yellow Rose.
Owner: Linda Borghi., Pleasanton, CA 945889405. Breeder: Linda Borghi.
GREAT DANES. Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Bitches.
1 26PARACLETE VENUS GODDESS OF LOVE. WS 24561308. 12-14-07
By Ch Mi Valedor's Marcus Aurelius - Paraclete By My Side N DTVS.
Owner: Irina Maderych & Stanislav Maderych., Fremont, CA 945366360. Breeder: Iris Feldman.
GREAT DANES. 12 to 18 Months Bitches.
1 18FIRESIDE'S A SHOT IN THE DARK . WS 23240304. 05-25-07
By Ch Dana Tlbrk Darkside Of Fireside - Fireside's Friendly Persuasion.
Owner: Vance Ray., San Jose, CA 951292232. Breeder: Barbara Garcia.
(Carrie Muir, Agent).
GREAT DANES. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
1 22MARCLIFF & MCKINNEY'S MIDNIGHT RUN . WS 18248504. 07-04-06
By Ch Olympus' The Midas Touch - Ch Marcliff's Long Distance Voyager.
Owner: Tom & Nancy Hawkes & Denise & Brittany Williams., Pacifica, CA 940442403. Breeder: T & N Hawkes & D & B Williams.
A 24ECHO'S ANNIE GOT HER GUNS V EVANS. WS 15508003. 11-23-05
By Ch Surfside Stairway To Heaven PBJS - Kenyon Echo Dance In The Dark.
Owner: Timmi Williams., Coarsegold, CA 93614. Breeder: Timmi Williams & Bev Evans.
2 28KC DANES THE ONE 'N ONLY . WS 20680701. 02-03-07
By Ch Avant's Bon Chance V Weaver - KC Danes Americas Sweetheart.
Owner: Kathryn Netser & Conley Netser., Fremont, CA 945363542. Breeder: Kathryn Netser & Conley Netser.
GREAT DANES. American-Bred Bitches.
By Olympus' The Midas Touch - Marcliff's Long Distance Voyager.
Owner: Sherri Moore & Nancy Hawkes., Pacifica, CA 940442403. Breeder: Nancy & Thomas Hawkes D & B Williams.
2 30ICON-HUDSON OLIVIA'S DREAM GIRL. WS 21370708. 03-07-07
By Ch Windy Hills Kodak Moment - Ch SasDania-Icon's Last Dance.
Owner: Bari Costello., Antioch, CA 945091618. Breeder: Joshua Burton & Jamie Harshfield.
GREAT DANES. Open, Black Bitches.
1/W 8VALINOR'S REBEL YELL . WS 20213715. 11-19-06
(1 Point)By Ch Valinor's Pink Floyd - Ch Valinor's I'll Take You There.
Owner: Everett Van Dyken & Lorrie Spencer., Valley Springs, CA 952529014. Breeder: Everett Van Dyken & Paul Picciau & Gay Bunnell.
(Terri Dillistin, Agent).
GREAT DANES. Open, Brindle Bitches.
1 14LAMPE PRIMA MIA. WS 20507404. 01-30-07
By Ch Gilham Wolke Run'n The Gamut - Lampe's Tiger Lilly.
Owner: Nancy Bruno., Orangevale, CA 956622946. Breeder: Janet Lampe.
(Barbara Kreszyn, Agent).
GREAT DANES. Open, Fawn Bitches.
2 10CAME GOLDEN DEITY V OLYMP. WS 22287501. 12-15-06
By Ch Olympus' The Midas Touch - Aristodane Opium De LaDoguerie.
Owner: Denise Williams., Ione, CA 95640. Breeder: Isabelle Messier.
1/R 20DUNROMAN DVD'S FIT TO BE PI'D. WS 22639504. 06-21-07
By Ch Bridane's PI In The Sky - Dun Roman's Diamond Girl DVD.
Owner: Barb Hainline & Laura Paine & J & Z Costantinidis., Santa Ana, CA 927052353. Breeder: Bev Johnston & Jenn Costantinidis & M Galperin& L Thill.
(Linda Matson, Agent).
GREAT DANES. Best of Breed Competition.
B 11CH KC DANES NATIONAL TREASURE . WS 11436101. 12-14-04
By Ch Windy Hill's Gold Plated - Ch Sherons Betty D. Grandy. Dog.
Owner: Carrie S Muir & Kathryn J Netser., San Jose, CA 951292232. Breeder: Kathryn J Netser.
17CH OLYMPUS' PILLAR OF THE HEAVENS. WS 06629003. 10-27-03
By Ch Brislyn Plain Havoc V Varick - Olympus' I Am The Acropolis. Dog.
Owner: Denise Williams & Terry Toops., Stockton, CA 95204. Breeder: Denise & Brittany Williams.
27CH DTVS THE OPERATOR. WS 07178302. 01-05-04
By Ch GMJ's The C.E.O. Speaks - Ch Sptworks D And T V Shoaf Talk To Me. Dog.
Owner: Terri Dillistin & Mary Shoaf., Littlerock, CA 93543. Breeder: Terri Dillistin & Mary Shoaf.
OS 32CH DAYNAKIN'S NO IT ALL V PARADISE. WS 11853906. 02-07-05
By Ch Sasdania-Vitag's Frozen Asset - Ch Daynakin's High On Cheyenne. Bitch.
Owner: Vincent & Joan Mulligan., Petaluma, CA 94952. Breeder: G Hymmen & E Kelly.
(Diane Collings, Agent).

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